2852 Main St. Hillsborough, New Brunswick

From time to time you step into a building or onto a property that truly inspires you. The historic Post Office in Hillsborough, NB is one of the those spaces.

There is something truly special about Hillsborough’s historic post office building. With it’s red brick exterior, intricate stone carvings, and arched windows, the building exudes a sense of history and inspiration. It is a reminder of a simpler time, when the post office was the heart of the community and the hub of communication.

The building, which dates back to the early 1900s, is a stunning example of the architecture of the time and a testament to the rich history of the village. At the time, the village was home to “thirteen retail stores, two woodworking factories, three doctors, a bank and five churches.”*

As you step inside the historic post office building, you can’t help but feel a sense of something really special. The high ceilings and tall windows create a feeling of grandeur and space, while the ornate details and thoughtful craftsmanship speak to quality and attention to detail. It’s easy to imagine the past and history within the walls.

The building served as the town’s post office until 2005, providing a vital service to the community.

Despite it’s change in use a couple of times over the years, the old post office building remains an important and beloved part of Hillsborough’s history. Visitors can still admire it’s striking architecture and imagine the hustle and bustle of the post office in its prime.

The old post office building is a reminder of the important role that architecture plays in shaping our communities and preserving our history. It is a symbol of the enduring spirit of Hillsborough and a testament to the hard work and dedication of its past residents.

No longer a relic of the past, I can’t wait to see the life brought back into this space once again! Until then, I’ll be daydreaming over all of the possibilities (and calling my mom because she’s the only one that puts up with all of my crazy ideas 😉)!

“In 1912, the Government of Canada recognized Hillsborough’s booming economy by building a new combined excise, duty and post office in the village. The result was a stunning contrast of red brick highlighted by local sandstone door and window surrounds, stringcourses, keystones, entablature and foundations. While this classically-inspired building is a modest example of the Beaux Arts style, its presence lent Hillsborough the aura of a regional centre.”


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