Hey friend! I'm Meg.

I’m here to get you the real estate results you’ve been searching for. 

I know how overwhelming making moves in the housing market can be. I want to make sure you are seen, heard, and given the information you need to make big decisions. I believe that as your REALTOR®, my job is to keep you informed, listen to your needs, and prepare you for success - whatever that means to you.

Together, we will navigate the process of buying or selling with kindness and intention. 

let's work together

Little details matter when choosing your home. They matter when selecting a REALTOR, too. 

I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but you bet I love to sing in the car! 

I studied  criminology. 

I find puzzles & “tedious” tasks super calming. 

I love binging TV shows with a strong female lead #buffy

I am a registered yoga teacher. My favourite class to teach is Yin.  

In summer, if I’m not at a showing, I’m often at a baseball game!

I’m an only child, but proudly hold the title of “Aunt Meg"/ "Aunt Mego" 

I am a licensed real estate professional and registered yoga teacher with big dreams of challenging what the real estate industry can mean for folks who are buying or selling their home. Not interested in conforming to the stereotypical pushy, money-centered real estate identity, my approach to realty is one that prioritizes intention, transparency, and communication - while crafting a calm presence for my clients where emotions can be understood and processed.

Applying my yoga practice to an industry where “calm” is an emotion rarely communicated, I want my clients to know (and experience) that big life stages don’t need to be stressful when handled with care and mindful focus.

With a background in loans and insurance underwriting, and a commitment to lifelong learning in this fast-paced industry - I strive to ensure working with a REALTOR® is an enjoyable and valuable experience for my clients.


The stuff that drives me.

  • Honest & timely communication
  • Informed decision making
  • Harmony in big life changes
  • Positive community impacts
  • Pre-approvals (rooting for you!)
  • That “we’re home” feeling

Some things I don't like.

  • Only considering short-term goals
  • Pushy sales tactics
  • Commission-over-clients mentality

The administrative assistant making my life more organized.

Meet Brenda! A whiz in all things paperwork and email, Brenda works super hard behind-the-scenes to ensure no question goes unanswered or un-forwarded.

Brenda joined Constantine & Co. in 2021 as our highly skilled Director of Operations with over 15 years in the real estate industry. Brenda is a team player and her hard work and commitment to excellence has made her an invaluable member of the real estate team.

Frequently Asked Questions

For starters, it means you’ve got a super-qualified person on your side with access to insider knowledge and just-posted listings. Think of me as your friend on the inside, who just so happens to understand the art of negotiation, and takes care of the paperwork-palooza that is buying or selling. All real estate agents are going to help you save time and money - but I also focus on guiding and supporting you, while ensuring the little details are taken care of and off your plate.

This is a trick question! Contrary to popular lingo, the agent IS the brokerage. I am a licensed real estate professional, holding a “salesperson” license with Keller Williams Capital Realty. Being a REALTOR® means holding a membership with the Canadian Real Estate Association - and a commitment to a high standard of professional service and adherence to a strict code of ethics.

I’d love to tell you why working with Keller Williams was the right choice for me. I am born and raised in Riverview, NB - and I care about my community a lot. KW is a company that cares about giving back - enabling its agents to donate time and resources to the communities they serve. They also support and provide continued education for their agents, ensuring that I have the support I need to stay up to date on all-things-real-estate. Their technology is top-notch and unmatched by all other brokerages in the industry. This gives us, the "salespeople", and YOU a huge advantage! Learn more about Keller Williams Capital Realty.

In a typical scenario, the commission is worked into the sale price of a home. The commission structure of my business ranges from 5-7% of the sale price and is split between the listing REALTOR® and whomever represents the purchaser of the home (the buyer’s REALTOR®). When the commission is paid (on or shortly after closing day), a portion of that commission is paid to the brokerage, team leaders, and so on. For example, the Keller Williams split model is as follows: 70/30 up to a maximum of $26,000 per year for individual agents - once this is paid in full, the agent then retains 100% of their commissions (less expenses and other fees, of course) for the remainder of the year.

As long as the home owner is willing to work with someone with representation, I’m game! This doesn’t always mean that the Sellers have to agree to pay some form of commission but it does mean that they have to be willing to work with Buyers who have representation when they themselves do not. Luckily, I am well seasoned in having these conversations and it shouldn’t stop you from having your dream home!

Absolutely - I'm so excited for you! Please reach out and let me know your preferred area so that I can help or point you in the direction of a like-minded colleague that will guide you home.

SYKE! I'm a REALTOR®, I'm always working! 😛 Due to the nature of my work (fast-paced and ever-changing) I often work untraditional working hours. Not all clients have the ability or the time to do a 11:00 am showing on a Tuesday, and that’s okay. Part of my job is being quick to answer text messages and emails, and sometimes that happens late at night or on a Sunday. Like everyone, I sometimes take a break and when that happens I have an amazing team to lean on. This ensures you (and your potential offers) are taken care of with speed and efficiency even if I am “Out of Office”.